Thursday, May 27, 2010


Here's a portrait of a figure model that I didn't have time to finish during class. I used some great brushes made by Mélanie Delon. Thanks!


Lamar Mathurin said...

your darks are finally starting to look like darks buddy! this came out awesome. way to step it up. one suggestion would be to not depend so much on skin tone through out her entire face. I love the way you handled the cloth and the colors with in them. I would like to see some of the colors reflected in the face. =)
hope that helped. be easy brother!

Future Graphics said...

Nice work, this is Lisa Hoffman, I am Shahira's sister-in-law; and a graphic artist & fine artist; I specialize in print media though, would need some classes to get into the web part. I have saved your blog spot to my business blog; @ Future Graphics - I really like your work. Very nice. I was wondering where do you get the brush that you used in the last one? I am running CS4; and am not aware that I have anything but default brushes - wasn't aware that you could get any additional ones... Thanks! Lisa K. Hoffman

Alex Khalifa said...

Hi Lisa :) thanks! I got the brushes from this artist's website:
The one that I used was from "Brush Pack."
To install them, click on the brush selector and there's a little circle with an arrow in it in the top right, click on that, then go to Load Brushes and find them on your computer. If it asks Append / Replace, click Append. This is how cs3 works, I think cs4 should be similar.
Hope this helps!